Ok after re-reading your instructions I'm afraid I may be violating the spirit of the contest. I did google snooping around educated guessing based on things I saw. Like googling the way busses looked in different east coast cities. I thought everything outside of a reverse image search was fair game when I was doing it but perhaps that wasn't the intention. Let me know if I fucked this up but I had a lot of fun trying to figure it out, thank you! - Jacob D


11°32'02.2"N 104°57'29.6"E


133 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238


329 The Embarcadero S

San Francisco, CA 94105


50°49'08.8"N 0°08'01.1"W


38°54'21.8"N 77°02'29.0"W

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I've been obsessed with this for years! When my sense of place feels dulled, it cheers me up to notice how curb cuts are done, where street signs are hung. Not to be fucking emo but these small traces of nonuniformity, especially in large cities where English seeps into everything, reassure me.

1. 11°55'33.8"N, 79°49'54.9"E -- LOL, I don't mind if this is disqualified for cheating, but I searched for French establishments in India, Pondichéry was the first listed on the Wiki, and then I Google searched "public works."

2. 520 Park Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205 -- Started at Four & Twenty Blackbirds, then looked for places where one-way streets intersect in this configuration. Gave up, picked somewhere random in Brooklyn.

3. 37°47'38.9"N, 122°23'33.8"W -- By the Ferry Building on Embarcadero, near the Giants' stadium/the Oakland bridge/the bow sculpture. Resent recognizing this.

4. 50°49'09.5"N+0°08'11.8"W -- England on account of the stupid phone booth, figured Brighton is the best known pier and the buildings seemed to check out, dragged around until I saw the blue-red trim on the left, in front of those Dorito-shaped things.

5. 38°53'56.1"N+77°02'01.6"W -- DC bus! Got lucky going around the White House on Street View.

Did these in order of easiest to hardest as they seemed to me: 3, 5, 4, 2, 1. This was fun, thanks!

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Okay this is epic

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It's hard to judge without coordinates! If you want to try to be more exact you can drop pins on google maps--but probably don't google the names of businesses you see in the photos, that feels a little beyond the scope of the game

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I am so sorry lol I am so competitive I saw this and didn't read the instructions!!!

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