Dec 25, 2020Liked by Ritam Mehta

I have many thoughts on this, but my main three are:

1. Overall, LinkedIn is gold. And UK 13 is really big, I think that’s a 14 in the US...

2. Ella found a LinkedIn post by this SIG type character about how Lebron manages to prioritize sleep, ie eight hours per night and a midday hour nap. He got roasted because most people’s bosses don’t let them take naps midday. Meanwhile I’m over here like “maybe become your own bosses”

3. Ritam - from someone who is trying to find a new job I’m often discouraged that I’m losing to under qualified Congolese orphan babies. Glad to know someone prioritizes merit over the convenience of finding a potential candidate during your safari vacation and efficiency that might bring in terms of speedy onboarding

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